Trust is a choice – Jeremy Goldberg

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Long Distance Love Bombs

The targets are always moving.”Jeremy Goldberg Founder

Jeremy Goldberg, a UCSB grad, stopped by to talk about his life’s mission, to make kindness cool. His interest in science vectored him towards human behavior, and now he wants to change the world.

We talked about his life, his travels and where he’s spending his time:

• He started writing in the 4th grade. Note: Jeremy’s writing is fantastic. Here are links to articles he’s written.
• How he started blogging as a way to keep family apprised of his travels
• How he went from UCSB to Brisbane, Australia on a study-abroad program
• His Ph.D. is in Social Science
• His “Theory of Planned Behavior.”
• What it means to ‘master influence.’
• The biggest surprise on the road to getting his doctorate? How hard it was.
• Tip from Jeremy: How to get a free year of college tuition (Answer: Just ask.)
• How his life’s mission of sending Long Distance Love Bombs got started – then there’s his TEDTalk
• Examples of his love bombs on Instagram
• His fascination with Spoken Word performances (Think Sarah Kay’s TED talk
• There was a good discussion about memorization after talking about spoken word performances. Mark mentioned Jim Kwik’s LOCI technique, here’s where you can learn more about it (free).