Business Risk: Understand and Reduce It

In 805conversations, Partners by Mark Sylvester

In this episode, 805connect’s Ambassador, Mark Sylvester, interviewed Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services’ CEO Greg Van Ness and learned about their impact in the Community, leadership and how their culture supports client success.

Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services is a strong supporter of 805connect and are the exclusive sponsors of the 805conversations: Podcast Series with California Lutheran University School of Management.

Tolman & Wiker has been in the 805 region since 1923 and have over 150 team members in several offices. One of the core values of the organization is finding ways to better serve the members of the community and that extends to the members of the 805connect community.
Many of our team members volunteer for causes that benefit disadvantaged and underserved segments of the community, offering our time and treasure to many nonprofit organizations, as well as organizations that promote the area’s economic vitality.
Looking at the Community page on their website you will find nearly 100 organizations that their team members contribute time and energy to. We applaud them for this commitment.

The Tolman & Wiker Process

Greg explains in the podcast how their team members work diligently to understand each business that is a client. Through their detailed discovery process, they are able to best serve the client and make sure that risks are identified, quantified, and prioritized properly in a custom-tailored risk management plan. Their website explains this process as D.R.I.V.E™:
Exposures to risk in today’s environment go well beyond the scope of an insurance policy.  New risks to your business’ financial standing and ongoing operations are emerging and evolving very rapidly, along with the pace of change in today’s business environment.   Beyond emerging risks, there are strategic and business/operational risks to your ongoing enterprise such as human capital, supply chain disruption, data security, disaster recovery, loss of reputation, succession and perpetuation, and many others.  Those only begin to scratch the surface of the risks that can inflict significant loss to your business, or put you out of business.   Worse yet, many of those risks are not addressed through the purchase of an insurance policy.
The Tolman & Wiker D.R.I.V.E. System If you are looking for a reputable, local, community-oriented firm to help you with your business insurance needs and your employee benefits packages, contact one of the helpful team members at Tolman & Wiker.