Thirty Episodes

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

That was quick.

Seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we wrote about the Golden Age of Podcasting, then announced we were going to do a podcast with a new partner. Now we just published our 30th show. You’ve heard that time goes quickly when you are having fun, and we are having a blast. We hope that you are enjoying the show and are looking forward to the new episodes as much as we do. There’s such a diverse group of people we’ve talked to that you can always expect a surprise when you open your podcatcher to listen to the new shows. You can see all of the episodes listed here.

What have we learned?

Over the past three months we have seen the popularity of our show increase and still we meet people every week who are new to podcasting. Yes, those people have heard of podcasts, maybe listened to one or two, but it’s not a part of their routine. Is this you? Look at your smartphone, find the podcast app, search for 805conversations and subscribe to the show. It’s fun and you’ll be excited to learn something new and expand your horizons. We also learned that if you work hard and create a quality product you will get support from the community. Unexpected support too. After we were up on iTunes for one week we got a call from California Lutheran University’s School of Management to ask if we’d like them to be the Exclusive Sponsor for the show. That was a great phone call which led to the University and Tolman & Wiker joining forces to work closely with us. This has led to some great introductions to talented people who’ve been on the show, and there are more to come. We appreciate how quickly that all happened. It’s been a whirlwind.

What has surprised us?

We have been thrilled at the reception we have received from everyone involved with the shows. Each interview has been an adventure. We go in with eyes wide open and have learned new things about people we thought we knew pretty well. Part of the adventure is not to have a preconception of where the conversation will go, instead focusing on asking questions and following the path that presents itself. This approach seems to be resonating. Another thing that’s been interesting is meeting other local podcasters in the area. Who knew? So far we’ve met 4 and are planning to get together and see what we can learn from each other. If you know of a local podcaster in the 805 area, please tell them about us and introduce us, we’d love to meet them.

Where are we going with the show?

With 30 episodes posted and another 25 scheduled between now and the New Year we are looking to round out our subject matter and cover as wide a selection of topics as possible. We continue to be introduced to fascinating people with interesting stories and different points of view. We’ve noticed that as we approach each set of episodes we continue to focus on finding the story that’s buried beneath the obvious who, what, where and when. By continuing to look for the why, we’ve kept the episodes interesting. If you know of a person we should talk to or a subject we should explore, please send us a note to podcast at 805connect dot com. We appreciate the pointers.