The Year to Live Project

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Losing your fear of death

Traver Boehm has done just about everything you can physically and is ready for an ultimate challenge. He’s off for a year-long adventure – as if he only has one year left to live. He speaks with host Mark Sylvester about the path that’s led him to make the decision to go on a unique trek and discover his true purpose.
Your brain is like a chainsaw, all it wants to do is cut down trees”
Topics included;
  • Getting started working with Gavin deBecker
  • Getting his Masters in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • How entrepreneurs treat fitness
  • What it means to have a Masters in Meditation
  • The Year To Live – project background – based on book by Stephen Levine
  • Looking forward to his dark retreat
Traver will be blogging about his trip starting in 2016, you can follow him here.