The Shifting Sands of Brands- John Silva Senior Creative Director DuPuis Group

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Transparency is not an option

People buy values, not value.”John Silva, Senior Creative Director

John Silva is the President and Senior Creative Director of DuPuis Group, based in Ventura, California. They work on branding, innovation and have created several ventures in conjunction with their clients’ brands. John is a veteran with 25 years experience of creative problem-solving.

The central theme of our conversation was around a shift in what branding is today and the brand-consumer relationship. We learned some key aspects of how he approaches problems. Specifically using brand values to connect trends and culture to business goals and strategy.

A major takeaway from this conversation was that people buy values, not value (made us think about having a Values section on the About page on a website).

John also suggests that the best brands are willing to polarize! (We’ve used this piece of advice seveeral times since we recorded the podcast.)

There are plenty of pearls in this episode; you’ll want to have a pen handy to take notes and feel free to share the show with a friend who’s struggling with brand identity and purpose. We predict that this episode that will become required listening in marketing classes.