If you want more interesting answers, ask more interesting questions.

In Things to Think About, Two Minute Tips by Mark Sylvester

Depositphotos_63172731_s The writers at 805connect use their extensive business experience to create compelling profile questions. The power of your response to these questions is what makes 805connect unique. In person, people make the decision to continue paying attention to you within nine seconds. The same is true for people viewing your online profile. Except they don’t give you nine seconds, they give you nine milliseconds. Are you making the most of the way you present yourself? Information that is compelling to others and makes us more interesting is usually found during conversations over a period of time. This information about each other creates bonds and becomes the foundation for relationships. Your online profile creates shortcuts to building these relationships and gives dimension to the person you want to know more about. 805connect profile questions are cleverly designed to let others know more about you than your title, where you work and what you do. Why should you care about this? Fifty-four percent of 805connect members say they are here to meet interesting people. How will they know if you are interesting? Have you provided interesting answers in your profile? To help you find interesting people and to make it easier for others to find you, we encourage you to log in and update your profile. See it from the point of view of someone looking at it for the first time. Ask yourself the question, “Would I want to connect with me?” Here are some ideas to improve your profile:
  • Add a current picture
  • Celebrate your Community Involvement with non-profits in the area
  • Give names of local clients you’ve worked with
  • Add more tags. The more tags, the more matches you’ll have
  • List your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles
This Two-Minute Tip will show you exactly how easy it is to update your Profile
  EDITORS NOTE: As this post was being published a great idea for a new question came in from a member, Steve Worthington of BornSharp. He suggested that we add a question to capture the answer to this question: What I’d like to contribute to the Community. No strings attached. This is a fantastic question. When you are in the Profile look for it and put in what you might be willing to do, for free.