Talk Business to Me – Ken Sterling, Phd.

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It all starts with an idea

Let’s talk about uncertainty reduction.”
Ken Sterling is the EVP at Big Speak and a lecturer at UCSB. He met with Mark and Patrick to talk about his passion for business, writing, teaching and helping others with it. It all starts with an idea gets to the heart of what he is scouting talent for Big Speak, and planning his next article for INC Magazine.

This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • The business of speaking and how to launch a career as a public speaker
  • How to get listed at Big Speak (one of the nation’s largest speakers bureau)
  • – Have a book
  • – Have footage of you speaking
  • – if you can, get on the TED stage (the ultimate credibility creator)
  • Why writing a book is so important for a speaking career
  • Building your professional speaking career – you’ll need a website and a team
  • Experience with the Fortune 1000 will help a lot
  • What he loves about lecturing at UCSB’s Technology Management Program (TMP)
  • What it’s like writing for INC Magazine and how it was much harder to land this non-paying job than he’d expected