Solutions to Climate Change – Bill Camarillo

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Everyone wants green grass, not tall grass

Bill Camarillo is the CEO of Agromin; a pioneer in the sustainable management of biodegradable resources. He talked with Mark and Patrick and presented a master class in soil and science.

This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • Learn what a waste stream is and how much we cavalierly waste resources
  • How he managed to get 4 degrees while being a Marine, including an MBA from University of Redlands
  • What are ‘fugitive emissions’ – hint: methane
  • Why 200 types of soil mixes are not enough
  • What is the perfect soil? It depends
  • The green grass/tall grass quote stems from a conversation related to a new produce, Turf Rescue. Amazing story behind its development. Pay attention if you have a lawn
  • How extremes create opportunities for innovation
  • “We chase carbon.”
  • How his business is all about science
  • Book recommendation: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t  Work and what To Do About It. There’s an excellent management lesson here for entrepreneurs which speaks to your role as Visionary, Technician or Organizer and why a balanced view of yourself is critical
  • How it works at Agromin – how they do their jobs and the challenges the business presents on a daily basis
  • How their business is  Demand Pull vs. Supply Push
  • One thing he thinks about a lot is how to make the business go faster. Great explanation of how long it takes nature to break down organic waste vs. how technology can speed it up
  • Bill’s a client of Tolman & Wiker Insurance, one of our sponsors, and he spoke at length about the challenges his business faces from a risk management point of view. The biggest problem is describing the business. Are they Mining, Waste, a Nursery? Or Agriculture? The answer is yes.
  • “We marry art and science together” how Bill describes what they do at Agromin
  • Love this quote at the end of the show
We sell responsibility”
Patrick and I marveled at how fascinating Bill portrayed his business. He clearly loves what he does, and his passion is infectious.