So many voices, so little time

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

“All you need is your voice to tell a story.”

This entrepreneur carries his tool with him wherever he goes. Voice actor James Arnold Taylor joined with 50 other characters to talk with Mark and Patrick about his dream job. This is one of those episodes that you’ll want to pause, rewind and listen to again. Especially once James gets going, which is pretty much right off the bat. Jame’s Wikipedia page is impressive. He’s done just about any voice you can imagine. This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:
  • How he found his calling at 4 years old
  • How voice acting is different that what you might think
  • A bit of the behind the scenes of this industry
  • How he’s been the voice of hundreds of characters in hundreds of video games
  • Ever heard of Final Fantasy? That’s James.
  • Can you trademark a voice?
  • What is ADR and how has he turned that into a big part of his repertoire
  • Voice-doubling – incredible opportunities that have come his way because he is such a phenomenal mimic of voices
  • His stage show: Talking to Myself
  • What’s the hardest voice for him to do? Hint: it’s very close
  • The Fred Flintstone story (yes, he’s the voice of Fred)
  • He’s also the voice of Obi-wan Kenobi of the Star Wars franchise (the game)
  • Voice doubling for Christian Bale in Batman
  • When he gets together with his peers, they play Twisted Tunes
  • How he struggled to get the voice of Ron Howard down
  • He battle and how he overcame Black Mold, which almost ended his career
  • Can you get insurance for your Voice?
  • How to get more texture in your voice
  • He does some amazing voices, including several Johnny Depps, Christopher Walken and others
  • Finally, the business of voice acting and how he’s been able to raise a family and build a great career right here in Santa Barbara
  James is the first guest of the show to actually have an Autograph page. Yep, if you’re a fan of all things ComicCon, you’ll want to check this out.