Seth Streeter – Founder, Sustainable Future, Impact Forever Today

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Never waste a crisis, it’s a strong motivator

It’s the coming together of ideas.”Seth Streeter, Founder, Sustainable Future, CEO Mission Wealth

Seth Streeter is a community organizer and CEO of Mission Wealth. Over the past two years, he has led the creation of a significant new effort in Santa Barbara called Sustainable Future. His Advisory Council of 24 civic leaders reads like a local Who’s Who. Collaboratively they have found ways to amplify what’s happening in the environmental movement in various silos and bring the efforts together under one umbrella.

The site that they’ve created has an underlying strategy of employing game mechanics to make participation in various activities engaging and fun. At the recent Earth Day, they set up a Scavenger Hunt that took players in and out of over 200 organizations at Alameda Park.

Part of the success of the Sustainable Future project is how they are connecting non-profits to business to schools, the public and private sector and faith-based communities. It’s a significant mandate. Seth’s concerned about scope creep and has a clear focus on the challenges that such a sweeping initiative has.

I enjoyed hearing Seth talk about Environmental Stewardship and feels that is an important message to communicate.

We applaud everyone’s commitment to this project and hope that it inspires you as well. Take a look a the site and sign up to discover new ways to be inspired.