Putting cures on strips

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Ed Maliski, the President of CURE Pharmaceutical Corporation talked with host Mark Sylvester about the promise and potential of a new method for distributing medicine. Oral Thin Films, also known as strips may be familiar to you if you’ve ever seen a Listerine Breath Strip. Same idea, except can now be embedded with medicines to solve a number of problems. 40% of people can’t take pills, strips are a more effective way of controlling dosages while also combating drug counterfeiting. Strips can be given to someone who is in and out of consciousness, such as a child suffering from Malaria.
Through their Oak Therapeutics partnership, Ed is committed to helping provide a low cost, easily managed Malaria cure to developing nations. This is clearly Ed’s passion as you will hear in this stimulating conversation. There’s more science in play here than you’d imagine and they are being manufactured right here in Ventura County in a high-tech facility certified by the FDA.

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Website: http://www.curepharmaceutical.com/ Great quote: “Oxnard is fantastically business friendly, we love having our facility here.”