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805conversations-collage-v1-1 805conversations feature fascinating talks with leaders and thinkers in the 805 area. Host Mark Sylvester, 805connect’s Ambassador, interviews innovators in this always engaging podcast.

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Due to a long commute and a penchant for long walks, I am a voracious podcast listener and was thrilled to meet the series host Mark Sylvester at an event in Santa Barbara. I am regularly inspired by the caliber of the conversations, guests and intellectual way Mark and his co-host Patrick break down their guests expertise, experience and make it applicable to all of us entrepreneurs. It’s really a pleasure to listen to and as I drive up and down the central coast to and from my startup, I leave something new whenever I tune into 805conversations.” – iTune Review by MyIrishEyes

  pullstring Our podcasting partner, Pullstring Press produces the show in Studio 111, located in the Balboa Building in downtown Santa Barbara. Pullstring’s co-founder Patrick Melroy is also the co-host of 805conversations. Pullstring produces several local shows including; TOWNED, a lifestyle and culture show, Cat & Cloud, a show featuring professional, award-winning baristas in conversations about specialty coffee and Elbows and Belly Buttons, a comedy show with host Kimmie Dee.  

 805conversations: Exclusive Sponsors PodcastPartners

“California Lutheran University’s School of Management sees its role going beyond the classroom. Working with industry leaders and entrepreneurs is a win-win for everyone – the educational experience at Cal Lutheran is improved and our students, faculty members and alumni help the community around us.” – Gerhard Apfelthaler, Dean of the School of Management at Cal Lutheran
“Podcasts with our region’s thought leaders are one of the innovative ways that 805connect is bringing relevant, useful resources and connection to businesses of all sizes throughout the 805 corridor. I recently had the opportunity to join Mark and Patrick in a podcast, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Not only was the conversation wide ranging and thought provoking, but Mark and Patrick elevated our discussion in ways that I think will provide listeners with key insights for all businesses that can be easily understood and considered for implementation.” – Tolman & Wiker’s CEO Greg Van Ness  

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 Be a guest on a future 805conversation

We are reaching out to the 805connect community to find interesting people and stories to feature in upcoming episodes. If you’d like to join us in a stimulating conversation and share a story with our listeners, let us know. If there’s someone that you’d love to hear us talk with, suggest them in an email to us. Thanks. For more information about the show’s specifics and being a guest – see this page.


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  3. Terrific new product, Mark. The 805 Conversations were a bit rushed, I thought. It’s great to be able to experience a richer conversation with the extended format.

    1. Author

      Christopher, thanks. Yes, this format, unscripted and conversational is much more fluid and listenable than the forced 3 question, tips and tricks style show we did before. Thankfully we only did a couple before figuring that out. We should have you back on the show now that we have the new format.

  4. This is a great long form podcast series for entrepreneurs and those that want to understand and become a part of the 805 business ecology. Mark Sylvester has done a great job of bringing his vision for regional business mojination to the central ca coast, and you not only learn more about movers and shakers, you can connect with them and be part of the community.

    1. Author

      Fred, thanks for the props. As one of the first people in 805connect, I’m thrilled that you’re finding the episodes engaging.

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  7. Great podcast, Mark. Walking is one of my great joys and I’ve spent many hours walking and listening to dozens of your podcasts. As you say, ‘fascinating people’ with lots to share. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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