Podcasting – The Future is Now

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Todd Pringle, the General Manager and VP of Product at Stitcher (Deezer) sat down for a conversation with host Mark Sylvester for an enlightening talk that covered the role of Stitcher in the podcasting ecosystem. Stitcher is second only to iTunes and is at the forefront of working to improve the user experience of enjoying podcasts. Several interesting points during the episode included;
  • Technology of podcasting, how it’s improving the user experience
  • How Stitcher was the first to stream podcasts
  • Helping people find and discover content
  • How editorial and algorithmic approaches improve discovery
  • The barriers to growth of the podcast industry
  • What’s the Holy Grail for the industry?
  • Is Satellite Radio dead?
  • Are we really at the ground floor of the Golden Age of Podcasting?