805conversations: The Podcast welcomes exclusive sponsors

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PodcastSponsors 805connect, the catalyst for conversation and connections in the 805 area, has launched its podcast series on iTunes. The podcast, called 805conversations, features extraordinary talks with leaders and thinkers in the 805 area. Host Mark Sylvester, 805connect’s Ambassador, interviews business innovators in an engaging 45-minute show.

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Topics covered in the episodes available today include: Achieving Professional Mastery, Stimulating Economic Vitality, Behind Every Story is a Map, Building a Vibrant Future for the 805 area, Building Community, Creating Collaborative Cultures, Staffing for Success, Getting Your Story to Market and Business Risk: Understand it and Reduce It. California Lutheran University’s School of Management and Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services have teamed up to become exclusive sponsors of the podcast. As sponsors, Cal Lutheran will bring guests to the podcast who have significant experience in business. 805connect is able to complete its mission with support from the Community and deeply appreciates this vote of confidence. Gerhard Apfelthaler, Dean of the School of Management at Cal Lutheran said:
“California Lutheran University’s School of Management sees its role going beyond the classroom. Working with industry leaders and entrepreneurs is a win-win for everyone – the educational experience at Cal Lutheran is improved and our students, faculty members and alumni help the community around us.”
Tolman & Wiker’s CEO Greg Van Ness has been extremely supportive of the efforts and mission of 805connect. He was one of the first guests on the podcast. He said this about his experience,
“Podcasts with our region’s thought leaders are one of the innovative ways that 805connect is bringing relevant, useful resources and connection to businesses of all sizes throughout the 805 corridor. I recently had the opportunity to join Mark and Patrick in a podcast, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Not only was the conversation wide ranging and thought provoking, but Mark and Patrick elevated our discussion in ways that I think will provide listeners with key insights for all businesses that can be easily understood and considered for implementation.”
One goal for the podcasting project is to attract notice to the region’s thought leaders. With iTunes now publishing the series, 805conversations has the global coverage that will ensure these conversations reach a wider audience. 805connect partnered with local podcasting studio Pullstring Press, to produce the ongoing series. Patrick Melroy, co-founder of Pullstring co-hosts the program and adds a unique perspective to the conversations. Patrick hosts a lifestyle/culture focused show called TOWNED. You can subscribe to the podcast series on iTunes or Soundcloud, making it easy to keep current with our conversations. Search for 805conversations to get started.