The Pin View

In Two Minute Tips by Mark Sylvester

When you have completed your Profile you are shown this great visualization of the Community, with you in the center, surrounded by other members and their pins. Ever wonder why the pins are where they are? Yes? Then this video is for you. It’s the number one thing that people ask us about. Learn how to interpret the Pin View to make even better connections.
  Full text of the video – transcript courtesy of local 805connect business – #Thanks.
  Hi, this is Mark Sylvester with your two-minute tip. Now, the thing I’m gonna focus on today is why the pins are where they are. So let’s, let’s look. The center pin, that’s you. You are at the center of your own universe. And you, in your profile selected a number of words, tags. And those tags will show up right here in the order that you selected them. Okay? Now, that is what drives the positioning of all the pins around you. So all the pins in this quadrant you have services and experience in common with them. So let’s, let’s select one, here’s Simone. And if I click on Simone, we’ll see that she has more services and experience. And actually, you have more things in common. So if I’m looking for people who have common services and experience, I’m gonna look at pins over here. If it’s on areas where they, we could help each other, I’m gonna look over here. Or if we share similar things that we need help, they’re gonna be over here. And if they’re in areas of focus. Now, the proximity to the center, how close they are to the center, means how many things you have in common. So if we look at my closest match, which is Don. We’ll see that Don and I, out of a potential of like, 40 things, have quite a few things in common. This is dynamic. It’s gonna be different for everyone, which is why you want to select a lot of words. And if I pick someone out here on the edge, then we’ll, well here is Nancy. We’ll see that I have some things in common, but only two. Notice she didn’t select a lot of words so she’s not gonna have as many matches. Now you’re probably wondering about all these pins on the outside. They’re folks that either I don’t have anything in common with yet so I don’t have a match. Or they’ve not completed their profile, but they’re still in the network. So that’s a easy way of figuring out who you wanted to meet with. Now, you can zoom in on that. So if you’d just click the zoom tool here, you can get a very quick view of people as well. That’s your two-minute tip.