A connected network, where none existed

Do you run a service organization in the 805 area with a Facebook page or a LinkedIn group or a Members Only area that has gone stale. Chances are you are also looking for something more private that connects you and your members more effectively and is more engaging for them, while providing you deep insight about them that’s never been available to you before.

805connect is a place to organize your members so that they can make relevant connections immediately. You will benefit from the insight you’ll gain by learning more about them than you know today, which will show you how you can serve them better.

Best part? As a partner or sponsor of 805connect, the network becomes a free resource to give to your members.

Connect members to each other

805connect has the unique ability to provide a place for your entire membership to have conversations, share ideas, meet other members and take advantage of a platform that extends throughout the 805 region.

  • Visibility

    Help people find you, your business or service through this directory.

  • Insight

    Allow others to learn what makes your company unique.

  • Access

    Find and connect with local business owners better and faster.

  • Influence

    Offer guidance in your area of expertise. Gain recognition as someone willing to share success.

Our members are looking for your members

As the directory grows it will become the first place to look for local businesses, subject experts and potential collaborators.

Be listed, be visible.

Are you in?

805connect highlights dynamic information about you and organization. It’s easy to set up a Private Group for your organization, simply contact us and we will give you instructions on how to create and manage a vibrant group for your organization.

Add your Membership to 805connect today.
Contact Mark Sylvester, 805connect Ambassador, to discuss how your organization can benefit by membership. We can provide you with graphics and language to post in your next mailing to your membership to make joining easy.
Email: mark@null805connect.com
Call: 805-722-1041