Opportunity – My Favorite Word

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No idea what the future holds

Alex Minicucci is the CEO at SpendSmart and founder of SMS Masterminds. His business in SLO takes him to NYC where he talked with host Mark Sylvester about growing up in San Luis and a memorable story about how he started his first business. No idea what the future holds speaks to how Alex looks at life and how each day presents a new opportunity, his favorite word. Alex was recently recognized as one of the San Luis Obispo Tribune’s 20 Under 40 Annual recognition of local leaders. Congratulations. He says his superpower is that he was on the Cal Poly Debate Team in college
Before you fire me, I have this business idea I want to run by you…
Topics included;
  • Attracting more venture funding to the region
  • Why San Luis Obispo is an entrepreneurial mecca
  • His thoughts on the ecosystem that’s being created in SLO
  • the importance of mobile to commerce
  • How he’s grown his business to 5 million customers and 4,000 merchants
  • How he got started in business from living in his car for a few months right out of school
Buzzword Bingo: Propensity Modeling