One Thousand. Great number. Awesome milestone.

In Things to Think About by Mark Sylvester

Depositphotos_53843529_s Milestones are meant to be broken.

Seth Godin wrote recently about ‘magical thinking’ and how, as entrepreneurs and business owners, there’s a tendency to think that ‘magically’ customers will appear and your business will grow dramatically. There’s no magic says Seth, just hard work and paying attention to the details.

Here at 805connect details are everything. Over the weekend we broke through our first milestone of 1,000 members. Has it been easy? Not exactly but when you love what you do, the hard work is worth every ounce of effort.

Why is 1,000 such an important number? Because setting goals for any project is vital. When you breakthrough the goal, it’s time to celebrate. Yay!

Join us for our next goal in passing 5,000 members. The more members, the more value to your business. If you have an innovative that would help reach the next milestone, let us know in the comments.