Moja Gear – San Luis Obispo

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For us, access to the outdoors is everything.

That’s why built into the fabric of the company lies an eternal commitment to donating 1% of each and every sale back into organizations that allow everyone to explore and discover our world’s natural beauty. Moja Gear strives to set an example for how business and benefit can intertwine in a manner that adds value to the planet in which we all live. While retail is inherently resource-intensive, they believe that together we can purchase responsibly, consume carefully, and be mindful of our impacts on the Earth. moja-gear As climbers themselves, a life without the ability to climb on rocks outside seems just plain miserable. So when you purchase gear from Moja Gear, you give back directly to the climbing community. Having begun through the entrepreneurship programs at Cal Poly about a year ago, Moja Gear is a content and community-driven rock climbing marketplace. They have partnered with a local brick-and-mortar outdoor retailer, The Mountain Air on Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo, and sell their full product selection on their website. While Moja Gear focuses on the web experience, their partner handles order fulfillment, warehousing, product buying, etc. They each cater to their strengths; it is a great match. The biggest ambition of the business is to set a precedent for responsible retail. They don’t believe that business and benefit are mutually exclusive, but instead they must be seamlessly intertwined. Moja Gear encourage responsible consumption and donates 1% of sales to three outdoor organizations that protect our natural wonders. Learn more about the organizations here. Moja Gear is also giving back by providing free tutorials for the climbing community. These posts have a lot of range and are professionally written and photographed. Take a look. Here’s another excellent example of a socially responsible startup, based here in the 805 that will have global impact in time. Good luck to Natalie and Sander, the co-founders. You can find them inside 805connect – introduce yourself, or better yet, if you’re a climber, join their climber community.