MIT Enterprise Forum

In Partners by Mark Sylvester


The MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) has been promoting the entrepreneurial environment in the Central Coast for almost 30 years. We have done this by producing good programs.

However, we have not done much to make it easier to know about and meet others in the Central Coast who have experience and skills of interest to us. We think that 805connect can help us do this in a powerful and efficient way.

If you sign up with 805connect and “join” the MITEF group, then whenever you register for an MITEF program, you will see the 805 “circle” of others who have also registered and are members of the Group.  You are in the center of the circle.  The dots closest to you are people 805connect thinks you might be most interested in knowing.

We believe this could make our “Networking” time much more interesting and productive!  We encourage you to sign up! If you have found this page and are not signed up to attend the next MITEF Event, click here for more information.

Here’s a Two-Minute Tip that shows you how to create your Profile quickly,  then join the MITEF Group once you have registered.

This video is recorded in HD – if you click the fullscreen icon while viewing (Lower right) it will fill the screen and be much more interesting to watch.