Make Your Money Last a Lifetime – Kevin Bourke, CFP

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I think about listening carefully

6 out of 10 adults fear running out of money.”

Kevin Bourke, CFP, the founder of Bourke Wealth Management and noted author sat with Mark and Patrick to talk about his practice and his novel approach to managing finances. We thought this would be a great interview to have after we had talked with Professor Harry Starn about training Certified Financial Planners. We were right.

This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • Kevin’s been doing financial planning for 30 years and tells us a bit about his backstory
  • Hear about his fascination with finance, part of Marks’ neverending quest to find out what caused the guest to choose their career path
  • His attitude about cold-calling – doesn’t bother him, hear why.
  • How he got his first business license and it wasn’t for being a planner
  • His philosophy about the role of the Financial Planner in your life – think Quarterback, if you like sports analogies
  • When do you hire a Financial Planner? When there’s a life event, that causes an accumulation of wealth or a distribution of wealth
  • Why’d he write his book? Looking at his LinkedIn page, you’ll see he’s written a lot over the years.
  • How’s he been able to keep 100% of his clients? Secret: Effective onboarding strategy of 4-6 meetings per prospect
  • One of his red flags with a new client? They treat his staff poorly. Interesting comment
  • What’s the question that prospects don’t know to ask? What happens to the money if he leaves? Answer: He has a succession plan with other planners
  • Teaching at UCSB Extention – he loves to teach
  • The power of Storytelling – we finished the interview the same way we did with the Professor – talking about storytelling and professional services
  • Who’s his favorite group to talk to: Service Organizations