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Rick Stollmeyer, the CEO and co-founder of MINDBODY (MB) and host Mark Sylvester had a fascinating discussion about wellness, building a business, why the Central Coast is so easy to attract people to and some background skills you might not imagine would be helpful to a major public SaaS company’s leadership. Topics covered include:
  • How Mindbody became so focused on going onsite to understand their customers, early on.
  • Functional fitness and fitness trends
  • How health and wellness is a megatrend
  • What it’s like to work at MINDBODY – practicing what they preach. ps. they’re hiring
  • Recruiting locally
  • You’ve heard this one before, getting started in the garage
  • The MINDBODY origin story – from outer space to inner space
  • Learn about Rick’s empathy for small businesses
  • The experience you get from working in high-impact software environments
  • How boutique fitness is transforming lives, and Mindbody’s role in that ecosystem
  • How they came to their mission of Building the world’s leading platform for wellness
  • How they help thousands of businesses manage their client relationships
  • Regarding software development: “The product will never be done…”
  • Branching out from fitness and how their model expands
  • How Design Thinking is woven into how they work
  • How to maintain empathy with your clients as you scale
  • Rick’s background: Graduate degree in Nuclear Engineering from the US Naval Academy and worked at Vandenberg Air Force Base on satellites and studied Russian. Yes. Great story about why.
  • Learn the difference between nice to have and mission critical as it affects how you positioning the company
  • Regarding the Central Coast and the 805 region – why Mindbody sees their role in the ecosystem as important
  • Glassdoor and what that platform means to the Company and investors. Note: They are one of the top places to work in the country!
  • How the way you treat your team is your ultimate competitive advantage
  • What’s the Holy Grail for Mindbody? Helping small businesses succeed in running their company and attracting more customers. Note: 50% have excess inventory, and 50% lose 50% of their clients a year
The conversation was rich in detail and an excellent background for anyone that has dreams of growing a business from their garage to a publically traded international operation with more than 50,000 clients and millions of their customers using the Mindbody app every day. MINDBODY is a sponsor of the 805connect project and we want to thank Rick for their continued support. We wrote about them in January of 2015