Kick Cancer’s Ass – a story of resilience – Angel Speier

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The amazing story behind

We started that night” – Listen to the episode to get this context of this quote

Angel Speier (pronounced Spire) is the co-founder, with her husband, Kevin, of PackedKits. She met with Mark and Patrick for a candid and funny conversation about how they decided to build a company the night that he had his first Chemo session.

Packed Kits are designed for people enduring chemotherapy and the caregivers who accompany them. The idea came from practical experience when Angel and Kevin started going to UCLA Medical Center for treatments.

This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • Background on Angel and Kevin, where they’re from and their families
  • More backstory about how they met, got married and started their family
  • The day they got the diagnosis
  • How Kevins background as Pre-Med and Angel’s experience in Fashion and Product development uniquely qualified them to launch the company
  • The story behind Packed Kits and why it’s such a great idea
  • Mark and Patrick let Angel take them through each of the kits, Medical, Plush, Fun and Dopp
  • Angel’s focus on the experience of someone opening the package for the first time and a story about one of their customers who was sent a kit and her experience of opening it and breaking down.
  • They donate 10% of each sale to charity and frequently give kits to non-profits to use for fundraisers
Patrick and I both wish Angel and Kevin the best. They’re fighters. We love that. If you want to purchase a kit, go here. If you’d like to support the effort and join their community, go here. Why not LIKE them on Facebook while you’re at it. Angel loves writing, she’s blogging here. Here are images of what Mark and Patrick opened in the studio: bag4_540x600

The Complete Kit packedkits_hero_dopp_d42cf174-9ac9-49bb-a7da-51000630ed81_540x600

The Dopp Kit


The Fun Kit


The Medical Kit


The Plush Kit