JoAnn Kuchera-Morin – UCSB Allosphere

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Increasing the Speed of Discovery through Virtual Experimentation

Don’t let the impossible slow you down.”JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Professor, Artist

Joanne Kuchera-Morin is on the faculty at UCSB and is the Professor of Media Arts and Technology and the Director of the Allosphere. Her facility is in the same building as the California NanoSystems Institute. She’s been on the cutting edge of digital media for many years. She gave a TED talk in Long Beach on the Allosphere in 2009.

She started learning Music and Theory when she was 19 in Palm Beach, FL and since 1984 has been involved in media composition. Her dream, to create an interactive laboratory that can be used to travel through massive datasets has taken ten years to develop the software.

JoAnn is a force of nature and has found a way, as a creative person, to work within the data-driven world of theoretical physics, nanosystems research and a myriad of interesting projects dreamed up by her colleagues at UCSB.