Growing Success HUB 101

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Be passionate about the problem.

Dan Ball, Program Manager at the new HUB 101 at the Center for Entrepreneurship in Westlake talked with host Mark about running an incubator and co-working space. HUB 101 is a part of California Lutheran University. There was a lot of ground covered in this conversation, including:
  • what’s the target demographic for the HUB?
  • The “School for Startups” – 10-week program
  • Stress-test your idea with real customers
  • Recycling success back into the community
  • Think of us as a gym membership for entrepreneurs
  • Classes and Programming
  • Startup Boot Camp – PACE program in the evening
  • High School student consultant story – a great one
  • Market Validation
  • Success Stories – 80 members now since the first of the year
  • Metrics for success
  • Event attendance – it’s growing
  • Funded projects – attracting investors
  • Getting a nice mix of people to the space
  • Quantified success of the members
  • Coaching and Mentoring