Finding Your Message

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Perfecting the art of the one-word response

John Davies, the CEO, and Chairman of Davies sat down with host Mark Sylvester to talk about how he’s arrived at an innovative method for active listening. This process helps him and his team find the idea that’s buried in a bunch of words. You’ll hear him break down how to take hours and hours of conversation,  distill them into a single word, or two. John has been a part of the Santa Barbara leadership landscape for over 30 years. He’s nationally renowned and recognized for the work he and his team do. Though he won’t admit it, he’s one of the top public relations, crisis communications and marketing strategists in the country. This session plays more like a Master Class than an interview.
I love it when we find their True North.”
Topics included;
  • How you find the message, that needle in a haystack
  • How he collaborates with a small group of people most effectively
  • How to dig deep and listen – then what you do once you’ve listened
  • DOS – Danger – Opportunity – Strengths and why that’s a better acronym than SWOT
  • Why he prefers phone interviews over in-person sessions
  • How to listen to the words and the music – the music is the excitement and tone of voice when you can’t see the person’s face
  • How they present their findings in a way that makes them actionable
  • How his recommendations after the interviews contain three dangers, three opportunities and three strengths
  • His one-word for the one-word response (You’ll have to listen to learn it)
  • The Donut Story – with a nod to previous 805conversation guest, Robert TenEyk
  • What it means to motivate, educate and cultivate your staunchest fans
  • Why he never presents Pros and Cons (simple answer)
  • A great discussion on Fear and how it affects your communications
This conversation was a rare treat to get John for an uninterrupted 45 minutes. You’ll want to bookmark this episode to listen to a second time, and take notes.