Finding Common Ground

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Remain hopeful. Get involved. Envision the future. Participate.

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson sat with host Mark Sylvester to talk about public service, collaboration and a series of issues that face the Central Coast. Here’s just a bit of what you’ll learn from this engaging conversation:
  • The JEDI Initiative
  • Three benefits to consider from a life of public service
    • Improving the world
    • Challenging work that helps make life better
    • A chance to exercise your creativity
  • It’s not all roses; it’s frustrating, and we don’t honor public servants or service
  • Tips to being an effective public servant
    • Listen – “What’s keeping us apart?”
    • Respect – “Don’t disrespect, honor disagreement.”
  • The Role of Government: Protection and Safety of the People
  • People pay attention when they have skin in the game
  • The rise of Social Entrepreneurs
  • “Your vote is your voice – your voice is your vote.”
  • Final thought after a long conversation about gun control (Note: This episode was recorded five days after the Orlando mass shooting.)