Entrepreneurship: Give it a try.

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Bill Gartner is the Professor of Entrepreneurship at California Lutheran University’s School of Business. He sat down with 805conversations’ host Mark Sylvester to talk about his passion and fascination with business. This talk covered a lot of ground as Bill is an extremely prolific writer, having penned 60+ articles, 5 books and 35 chapters in books related to his passion for entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurs are working at the margin of our future.”
Topics included;
  • Is entrepreneurship in our DNA or can it be learned (a frequent topic on the show)
  • The happiest and most interesting people – entrepreneurs
  • The ‘Need for Achievement’ – from a Harvard study
  • What does success look like
  • Entrepreneurs never work alone (another frequent topic)
  • Dynamic Tension as written by Machiavelli – new order vs old order
  • “Traditions are solutions to yesterday’s problems”
  • Only 15% of the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies are Tech
  • Two kinds of jobs: Rule Taker’s (being told what to do) and Rule Makers
  • The Five Strangers Exercise – meet 5 new people a week and find a way to be valuable to them
  • Tips for employees: Find a way to provide value to one person, your boss.
Bill says  his most popular article is, “Who is an entrepreneur? Is the wrong question”. It was originally published in 1989. Here’s a link to a scanned copy of the article.

“We’re creative problem solving inside of collaborative environments to initiate objects that don’t exist already. This is the ideal candidate in most businesses.” Co-host Patrick Melroy in an exchange with Bill and Mark about makers and creating things that don’t currently exist.

Buzzword bingo: TAT Thematic apperception Test Here’s the complete poster that is behind Bill in the image above and the one he references during the show. ENTREFESTO POSTER Bill’s latest book, Entrepreneurship as Organizing, Selected papers of William B. Gartner is out soon. Entrepreneurship as Organizing   Want more Bill? Us too. You can learn more about him on his newly launched website: http://williambgartner.com