Engaging the Technical Worker – Tim Goldstein

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Thinking in black and white

Tim Goldstein is a neurodiversity communication specialist. His Aspergers diagnosis, four years ago, answered a lot of questions and changed his life’s work. Now, he spends his time advising Human Resource departments, talent professionals and managers who are trying to incorporate ‘Aspies’ (as they self-identify) into the workforce.

Tim says that he’s ‘on the spectrum’ which refers to being on the Autism Spectrum. He’s a highly accomplished entrepreneur and engineer. He, Mark and Patrick had a lively discussion and opened up the conversation to better understand the proliferation of Aspies in industry

Topics included:
• What is neurodiversity vs. neurotypical
• Working in the bicycle business for 20 years and developing a solid business background
• How people communicate and how the provides a challenge for Aspies. This speaks to the words used, the tonality of the speaker and the body language. Aspy’s can frequently misinterpret these signs.
• Learn the Greek word: Alixrethmia, which means “no words for emotion.”
• What poor executive control and poor impulse control can do when working with Aspy’s.
• Tim wrote a book to capture all of this insight called, Geeks Guide to Interviews: 15 Critical Items for the Technical Type
• His Temple Grandin story. She’s one of the heroes that’s brought Aspergers out into the mainstream conversation with her TED talk.
• His discussion about the percentage of technical workers that have Asperger’s, according to industry reports. It’s much higher than you’d imagined
• A few famous people who have/had Aspergers include; Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.