Economic Development Collaborative – Ventura County

In Partners by Mark Sylvester

EDCVEN WHEN BUSINESS THRIVES, OUR COMMUNITY PROSPERS The Economic Development Collaborative-Ventura County (EDC-VC) is the business resource for companies of all sizes doing business in Ventura County. Established in 1996, EDC-VC promotes jobs and economic growth to maintain the county’s economic vitality through these key programs and services:
  • Business Consulting and Workshops
  • Loans & Funding Assistance
  • Manufacturing Assistance Program
  • How-to on International Trade
EDC-VC focuses on attraction, retention and expansion of businesses in Ventura County through economic development programs that showcase the county’s investment in cutting-edge business sectors and the high quality of life for residents. EDC-VC is funded through contributions from the County of Ventura, all 10 cities in the county and top-level private sector executives. 805connect is better because of our partnership with the EDC-VC. Under the leadership of CEO Bruce Stenslie, the organization has established itself as a role model for economic development. Bruce currently also serves as the President of the 805connect is working directly with the Small Business Development Corporation, housed at the EDC-VC to create a regional database of experts in business skills to help their clients achieve their goals. For more information contact  Below are the businesses listed in 805connect that are located in Ventura County as of January, 2015. VenturaCounty