Do One Thing To Help- Meichelle Arntz

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“Supporting non-profits is a part of running your business.”

Meichelle Arntz is the founder of Recipes Organics Bakery and Angels Foster Care in Santa Barbara. She and Mark sat for a conversation to learn how she’s integrated a small business with a big heart and become an owner who’s giving back every day. She says that everybody can do something, so, do one thing to help. Today.
It’s great being 50 and having adventures”
Topics included;
  • Santa Barbara’s only Australian Coffee House and Bakery
  • How she learned to be a barista so she could make coffee correctly
  • Her background as a nurse and how that influenced her work with Angels Foster Care
  • What it’s like being a small business owner and working 60-80 hours weeks
  • How to remain calm during stressful situations, and how trauma nursing prepared her for running a bakery and a non-profit
  • One of her mottos: “Be happy with where you are right now.”
  • The Business Giving Roundtable and what she learned about how to structure a giving-back program that is integrated into her business
  • Working with interns and having her employees step up to participate in the giving back aspect of the business
  • Her Call To Action: Pick your passion – the area you want to focus on – then select one non-profit recipient for your giving – and have it be aligned with your business’s mission
Meichelle is an inspiration to other small-business owners who are looking for a lifestyle business – not wanting to create a chain of locations. Just focusing on working hard, giving back, being happy and working with lots of friends around her. The work she is doing with Angels Foster Care is amazing.