Developing Emotional Mastery

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 Live from the inside out.

Dr. Joan Rosenberg is the creator of Emotional Mastery™ and is a highly regarded expert psychologist. She sat with host Mark Sylvester to continue a discussion he’s been having about leadership and how to increase our effectiveness. Joan’s 30+ years as a clinician, trainer, professor and consultant and her deep background give great insight into the human mind. This episode covered a lot of areas and at the end, Mark invited Joan back as it felt like they were just getting into the good stuff when time ran out. She’s currently teaching at Pepperdine University.
If you’re getting criticism, then you’ve arrived.”
Topics included;
  • The definition of Emotional Mastery
  • How you know when you’ve got it
  • The difference between being responsive and being reactive
  • Life as a collaborative journey vs a competition
  • A great story about Two Leaders (about 20 minutes in)
  • Jus how powerful a skill resilience is
  • 10,000 hours of training and teaching to uncover the 8 unpleasant feelings we all share
  • 4 main ways to help ourselves – great tip for leaders
    • What we think
    • How we think it
    • How we feel about it, experience it and express it
    • How we behave as a result
  • Being vulnerable – MUST LISTEN TO PART OF THE SHOW
  • How to be a good listener
  • Feelings First – this was another great part of the show!
    • How to focus on feelings first, solving the problem second. Great Tip!
Face to Face and Heart to Heart”
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