Curating Your Corporate Culture – John Greathouse

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Quality of character is your competitive advantage

Hiring is the key.”

John Greathouse, Professor of Practice at UCSB, co-founder of Rincon Ventures and renowned Santa Barbara entrepreneur sat for an extended conversation with Mark and Patrick about teaching, writing, and coaching. John’s a local treasure.

This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • What’s’ a Professor of Practice – and who else at UCSB is one? Hint, previous podcast guest Trip Hawkins
  • A brief dip into John’s history which reads like a history of Tech in Santa Barbara
  • How he manages to fill a room at UCSB with 350 students reliability every quarter.
  • His three things – you know we love lists of three
  • – Investing
  • – Teaching
  • – Writing
  • How his 4th-grade teacher told him he was a writer – at that young age. You can now find John’s writing at Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal
  • Why he loves writing so much (it’s about endorphins firing)
  • We talked at length about Corporate Ethics (you’ll remember a similar conversation with Sarah about Ethical Marketing)
  • John tells a great story (that he tells his students) about Contextual Ethics
  • What’s your company’s Moral Code – with a shout out to another podcast guest, Shaun Tomson – Commit to the Next Wave
  • Love the story about the Bell Ringer Award that he used to have. You will too.
  • More about Rincon Ventures and the ethos that they’ve created there
John is such a humble guy, he’d never tell you all of these things. So we’re glad to have gotten him to open up on the show Bonus: If you can find a clip from the show that he can Mark were on (The Food Network) we’ll send you a postcard of thanks.