Crowdsourcing your Healthcare – Bradley Weber

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RallyCare – App for Caregivers

How come I can’t register for an illness, but I can for a wedding?”Bradley Weber, Developer, Founder, RallyCare

Bradley Weber is the founder and CEO of RallyCare, a new app for the healthcare industry. He talked about how his personal journey from diagnosis to recovery from Cancer at 25 prepared him for this entrepreneurial challenge.

Bradley had his AHA moment when he had a quadruple bypass surgery and had to find ways to manage his own care and manage the generosity of his friends. The story is interesting and the problem-space that he’s addressing potentially quite large.

We talked about:

• The development process and how he got the idea

• What really happens when you call 1-800-CANCER – or 1-800-MYDISEASE

• How being a caregiver for his mother while she had Alzheimer’s also made the point clearly about the lack of support services for caregivers

• Why is the app Free? What’s the business model then?

• The ecosystem of caregiving apps and where he fits in

• He and Mark got into a nice discussion about ‘conversational development’

• What it’s like to work with offshore developers