Copper Mugs and Dropping the D

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JJ Resnick, the COO and co-founder of Moscow Copper Co and the Founder of Service Dog Registration, met with host Mark Sylvester to talk about the founding of Moscow Copper and how his grandmother, the inventor of the Moscow Mule, was the inspiration for this company.

He also talks about his passion project for Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs. His story of meeting veteran Brad Fight and coming up with this idea that Post Traumatic Stress is NOT a disorder is very interesting. That’s where Drop the D (as a campaign rally cry) came from.

  • Hear the origin story of the Moscow Mule and how it tied over to Mad Men
  • Learn how a chance buying trip to China influenced his business plan for the Copper Company.
  • The difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal
  • Interesting skills that can be taught to dogs include ‘balance support’
  • Did you know that dogs can be trained to support diabetics too?
Some great quotes during the show

Something older than me and I like that – in reference to why the Moscow Mule is so popular as a cocktail

Nothing like NO to get you to go – where we find our motivation

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