Connect to Compete

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Working as a partner in the Community

Cox Communications Market Vice-President and host Mark Sylvester talk about the role of Cox in the community. Here’s just a bit of what you’ll learn from this engaging conversation:
  • Public affairs as the face of the company
  • Cox is a 5th generation family owned company
  • The Cox Scholars Program – 5 students from local high schools receive awards
  • What is Cord-Cutting?
  • How Cox manages disruptive technologies while staying relevant
  • Santa Barbara: The most called city in the U.S, back in the day
  • “Contour” New product from Cox
  • Cox’s role: Bringing connections to people
  • What if you’re considering a role in public affairs
  • – It’s not for everybody
  • It’s a relationship world
  • You need the ability to pivot quickly
  • You must love getting involved in a 00 things
  • It’s all about politics, public affairs, and communications
  • A peek into the future? What is synthetic DNA and how is it going to be used to store data?