Concept Shifts in Health

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Claim responsibility for your health

Terence Carfrae, founder of Temple, a center for wellness, meditation and fitness sat with host Mark Sylvester to talk about his dedication to helping others. This fascinating conversation ended up in some surprising places. There’s a great bit about suffering and why you should embrace it. There was a lot of ground covered in this conversation, including:what’s the target demographic for the HUB?
  • How he was motivated to focus on wellness
  • The founding of Temple in Santa Barbara
  • Why Santa Barbara?
  • How he works with new clients and the questions he asks them all
  • “Meet them where they are at.”
  • Why suffering serves a purpose
  • How failure factors into his world view
  • How to Avoid Pain
  • “It’s not about the teaching, it’s about the questions” (so true)
  • A discussion with Mark about Beginner’s Mind
  • What he means when he confesses to being a ‘novelty nerd’
  • How business is like Chess – what’s his favorite piece?
  • His thoughts about respiration
  • The Seven Pillars of Wellness – write this down
    • Mind / Emotion
    • Breathing
    • Water
    • Food
    • Movement
    • Sleep
    • Connection / Love