Commercial Printing Tips and Tricks

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Do you have a print expert in your business?

Carla Blanco, VP of Business Development at T/O Printing in Westlake and Mark Sylvester sat down to talk about the expanded role of the commercial printing firm in today’s business. There’s a lot more to the value proposition than just printing brochures. Carla talked about how they really dig into a company’s business to best help them reach their goals and objectives. T/O focuses on helping local, regional and entertainment businesses leverage the same technology and solution that T/O has been putting forth on behalf of their larger regional and Fortune 500 clientele for the past decade. Topics included:
  • How to model your audience.
  • Web to Print
  • How to maximize List Buying to be most effective
  • Oh, you need promotional materials too?
  • How to use print to help build your brand
  • How to improve your customer acquisition and retention using print
  • Unique public service project she started recently: The Umbrella Drive