Collabreations – Sara Bashor and Garrett Blair

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Beyond Talent and Performance

An idea generated and worked on together is better than one developed on it’s own.”Garrett Blair, Co-founder, Programming Artistic Director

Sara Bashor and Garrett Blair are the founders of the afterschool theater program based in Santa Barbara called Collabreations. They teach an ensemble-based creation method rooted in improv techniques. The focus on grades 1-6 and appreciate how much impact they’re making in these young lives.

Their business is teaching students skills that will serve them well in life, including collaboration, brainstorming, performing and developing self-confidence in front of an audience.

The focus of this episode is how you launch a business like this in Santa Barbara, the market validation they did and how Sara is putting ideas she’s learning in SBCC’s Marketing class into practice.

We are always interested in talking to couples who work together, the challenges they face and how they optimize their collective skills to serve a growing business. This is an excellent example of this collaboration can be done and how impactful arts-based education can be in our community.