Changing lives and helping students succeed – Candace Winkler

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Candace Winkler, the CEO of the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara visited with host Mark Sylvester for an enlightening talk that covered the role of the Foundation in the Community and the importance of providing support in a wide range of areas for families and students. She and Mark talked about several big ideas, including;
  • Financial Aid Planning for families getting ready to send their first student off to college
  • The reach of the Foundation – $8.7M given in grants to 3,000 students a year
  • The ACHIEVE program – helping students acclimate to the college experience
  • The College Scholars program
  • How the Foundation provides additional social support and service to families in the area
If you are interested in supporting the Scholarship Foundation and we believe you will once you have listened, please click to learn more about how you can help.