CEO Empowerment. Find your Superpowers.

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Dr Keith Witt, clinical psychologist, lecturer and author sat down for a conversation with host Mark Sylvester for a inspiring talk that covered a wide range of topics that affect leadership in many ways.
I’m ceaselessly amazed by human genius, human creativity and human superpowers.
Keith spoke about how to find your superpowers and Mark kept coming back to this theme as there’s more than you’d expect and they’re not exactly what he expected either.
  • Finding True North
  • Being able to receive wise influence – compassionate self-observation
  • Management development / Personal development
  • Psychological sturdiness
  • Having a broad view and depth of consciousness
Buzzword bingo – Empathetic Resonance This is one of those episodes that you may want to listen to twice. Dr Witt was also featured on the TEDx AmericanRiviera stage (produced by Mark Sylvester and Kymberlee Weil You can connect with Dr Witt on his website.