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The Golden Age of Podcasting

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According to MacRumors, we consume 21.5 million hours of podcasts a day. With popular shows such as This American Life and it’s spinoff Serial and the recent release of the Podcast app from Apple in iOS 8, it’s easy for first timers to explore shows and subscribe. Once you have listened to a few of the more popular shows, you will soon become lost …
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[805 Conversations] Robert TenEyck : Brand Strategy

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Click the Play button above for a replay of the webinar  – :30 min This month we spoke with Robert TenEyck, founder of TheCoreIdea, a strategic marketing and communications company. Robert has 20 years experience leading companies, large and small, through a process to discover their core idea. The title of the talk was, “Your logo is NOT your brand.”
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[805 Conversations] Chris Foley : Web Strategy

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The discussion will focus on a handful of key changes you can make right away to improve your web presence. 

Chris has built hundreds of websites, consulted with world-class brands and will bring this expertise to the conversation. Chris says that there are five areas which are commonly overlooked, and when addressed can make some dramatic differences in a website’s success.