Butterflies vs Dragons – Lessons in Leadership

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Values-based leadership and fishing stories

Andy Pattison, Ph.D., professor of Public Policy Studies at California Lutheran University’s School of Management sat with 805 host Mark Sylvester to talk about leadership, public policy and sustainability through his writings, research and teaching. He knew he wanted to be a biologist when he was 8 years old. He parlayed that desire into a biology degree then migrated to public policy where he now teaches with a focus on planning, long term solutions all the while, finding time to fly fish off the Ventura Coast.
My passion is my greatest asset.”
Topics included;
  • What’s a Masters Public Policy Administration (MPPA) and why is it such a popular field to study
  • The biggest misconception about public service and the #1 allure
  • What’s the definition of ‘socially equitable
  • Why Climate Change is the biggest problem we currently face
  • How to mitigate the loud-squeaky-wheel in public debate
  • What’s the Logic of Collective Action, as defined by Mancur Olson
  • His trick (tactic) for engaging students, using video to annotate his talks
  • Fly-fishing off the coast and how to think like a fish
  • Seriously – how leadership is like fly-fishing
  • Why he has such an obsession for serving the community
  • What is Identity-Based Messaging
Government is just a word for what we choose to do together”