Business Black Belt – Burke Franklin

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Remember your keys vs. Don’t forget your keys.”

Burke Franklin, local entrepreneur, writer, and martial artist, sat with Mark and Patrick to talk about his back story and philosophy about business. Very interesting character who also loves to sail. You can learn even more about him here.

This wide-ranging conversation covered a lot of ground including:

  • Selling word processors in the late 80’s
  • How he got the business bug from his grandfather who was an entrepreneur just after WWII
  • Working at the Sharper Image Catalog writing ad copy
  • Why he (still) answers the phone at 2 am
  • Why going to tradeshows is a brilliant strategy for honing your pitch
  • His book, Business Black Belt and the podcast that went with it
  • How he got involved in Martial Arts
  • Interesting sidebar about audio triggers, like sense memory that reminds you of times in the past
  • What his business, Business Power Tools, is all about
You’ll also enjoy our conversation about ‘double-negatives’ in our speech and how to avoid them. This is where the title of this episode comes from.