Bruce Gillies, PsyD, Professor, The 21st Century Career Search Program

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Spend 20% of your time focused on personal growth, skill development and networking”Bruce Gillies, PsyD, Professor

Professor Bruce Gillies, PsyD, teaches at the School of Management at California Lutheran University. He came back on the show to tell us about his new book, The 21st Century Career Search Program. He speaks about how the first 90 days on the job is crucial to make sure there’s a cultural fit between the employee and the workplace.

Bruce is passionate about this field and took us on a deep dive of how to get a great job, how to do a skills inventory, what to focus on in HR, including how to manage your self-confidence in the interview.

Listeners to the show know that I love acronyms and Bruce has a great one as it relates to creating your inventory of skills. He calls it CAR – specifically, create an example of a problem you solved at a previous job, spell out the Challenge, talk about the Action you took and then highlight the Result. CAR. Note: It’s been my experience that if you can insert stories into the interview, you’ll perform at least 100% better than other candidates.

You’ll want to have a notepad handy as there are a ton of tips in this episode, both for the job-seeker and for leaders inside organizations.