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HG Data

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Data. Made better. That’s what we do. If you were to walk into HGDATA’s offices you would get the feeling that you are in a room with some really smart people. Then you learn that there are thirty data scientists working feverishly away at developing HGDATA’s core product, information. Here’s how they describe what they do. “Every day, we index more …
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FastSpring was founded in 2005 as a partnership of industry veterans with over 40 years experience in the e-commerce software industry, with a vision of bypassing legacy systems, addressing e-commerce customer dissatisfaction and building a robust e-commerce engine with the latest database, transactional and marketing technologies. Members of the FastSpring team pioneered key segments of previous-generation e-commerce systems and joined …
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Strategic Samurai

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Every business owner has to communicate on a regular basis. It might be to a room of employees, a collection of customers at a tradeshow or a critically important pitch in front of potential investors. How confident you are, what your key message is and how you deliver it are all skills worth cultivating. For the past few years, Kymberlee …
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Do you have a selection strategy?

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One of the stimulating parts of any project is the brainstorming, sitting in front of a whiteboard thinking about all the ways you could solve the problem. Do you remember a time when you were brainstorming and the ideas were coming fast and furiously? The ideas sparked new thoughts and it was hard to keep up with the flow. That’s …
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Cox Community Connections

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We had the opportunity to appear on local Santa Barbara Cox Cable’s Community Connections program. The host, Kirsten McLaughlin, head of Public Affairs, interviewed 805connect Ambassador Mark Sylvester in what turned out to be a lively session.
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Finding skills when you need a Posse quick!

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Working solo or on a project where you could use some help? Here’s a quick refresher on how to find someone in 805connect that can provide answers quickly. Once you get the hang of how to find people and make connections, you can start to build a posse that you can tap into at a moments notice.