Believe in your Story

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

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Jordan benShea, the founder of Skyview Projects is a strategic consultant helping businesses and non-profits define, sculpt and share their story. She sat down with host Mark Sylvester to discuss her fascination with stories told well and the power of a well-crafted message. Jordan is very well connected in the local community, sitting on several non-profit boards and has an enthusiasm for each that is infectious.
I love stories. I love strategy.”
Topics included;
  • Starting with your Why and a shout out to Simon Sineck
  • How to look at a story and see all the potential connections to be made
  • How the Hero’s Journey can help you craft your story
  • What’s the difference between your Why and your Mission and Vision statements?
  • The importance of a Style Guide and why it also includes your ‘voice’
  • Book recommendation: Seth Godin’s Purple Cow – read about it here
  • Current favorite book: Blue Ocean Strategy
  • How she went from a pre-law career to one in Communications
  • Who’s her Ideal Client? Note: Who’s yours?
Listeners of the podcast may recognize Jordan’s last name. Yes, her father is Noah BenShea, a friend of 805conversations. You may want to listen to his episode next. Keep a pencil handy as there are more quotes per minute in that show than any we’ve ever done.