Be the leader you are

In 805conversations by Mark Sylvester

Commitment vs Compliance – why it matters.

Bruce Gillies is the Director of Organizational Leadership Development at California Lutheran University’s School of Business. He sat down with 805conversations’ host Mark Sylvester to talk about his background and his fascination with leadership. The conversation ran from his owning a motorcycle shop in Bakersfield and lessons learned to his 20+ years in the Navy with a great example of what leadership looks like in the engine room of a large ship. His 12 years of guiding students through the complicated maze of leadership are evident in his easy style and comfortable way of recalling stories to provide illustrative examples.
Getting the right person, in the right place and the right time.”
Topics included;
  • Three questions to ask yourself when things are not working out as you expected
  • What it means to be self-aware as a leader
  • What makes a good vs a bad leader, specific examples
  • Transformational Leadership
  • The difference between cohesion and adhesion
  • His one tip for success – “fire the guy”
  • Two tips to the first day on the job as a new leader
  • Sports psychology and his role in helping athletes with their peak performance
  • What he means when he says, “Go backwards.”
  • How to ask yourself the question, “Where was my focus?”
Buzzword bingo: Upward Leadership, Leading Upward. We’ll be having Bruce back soon to talk about his new book, Career Search in the 21st Century (working title).