Adventures In The Nerd Kingdom

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Engineering as an art form

Trip Hawkins is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Electronic Arts, 3DO, Digital Chocolate. He was employee #68 at Apple and speaks with host Mark Sylvester about how he followed his passion for games and technology into an extremely interesting career. If you are interested in geek history, you will want to make time to listen to this episode.
I have to help the nerds take over the world
Topics included;
  • The value of a quality education – he studied originally at Harvard
  • How luck was a contributing factor to his success in life
    • Listen to 8 stories that show how he connected the dots from one life event to the next
  • Stories you’ve not heard about the early days at Apple Computer
  • How the route to discovery is rarely a straight line
  • The DNA of an entrepreneur: Ideas, Drive, Passion, and Effort
  • The story of his first game made in high school to his founding of Electronic Arts
  • The idea that formed his world view that Engineers are Artists
  • The secret of the EA business model
  • His view of the incoming generation of Digital Natives and how he thinks they’re a big part of the solution
  • How we need to think of new business creation as one that serves compassion instead of materialism
  • His new game called IF – which focuses on Emotional Intelligence
  • Why he believes that nerds have finally become the cool kids
Trip is now based in Santa Barbara and is looking forward to being more integrated into the local tech ecosystem. There’s a great story on him in Noozhawk earlier this year.