A Visit from the Squad Room

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Cops don’t want to be mean

Garrett TeSlaa, Podcaster at the Squadroom and a Sergeant with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff, sat with host Mark to talk about his life in public service. Garrett is on a path of discovering health, wellness and personal development and is taking himself and his listeners on the journey with him.
We did something good today.”
Topics included;
  • The Squadroom Podcast – why, what, who
  • What the effects of sleep deprivation, stress and lack of exercise have on the police force
  • How to overcome them
  • How his personal journey has put him in touch with amazing experts in his field
  • Surprise: He wasn’t always a cop – he started in the Music business
  • His story about finding a passion for law enforcement
  • “As a leader – looking for what violence you could stop.
  • Loved this: Psychological Salary
  • The definition of a Community Oriented Policing Policy – hint; there are 56 definitions
  • How Neighborhood Watch programs are working – answer: pretty well
  • Living in the moment – your first 15 seconds – nay, your first 3 seconds on the scene
  • How you Create Time in a tense situation
  • Biggest misconceptions of police officers and law enforcement
    • – Vast majority of law enforcement are smart people, many with MBA’s and Master degrees
    • – We don’t like to be mean
    • – We care deeply for our fellow citizens
  • Test for new hires and leaders – their enthusiasm for people
  • His day is not about writing tickets
  • When they are doing their job, you don’t see them on TV that night
He quoted Clint Bruce’s saying, which he used when we finished – “You were worth it.” after being thanked for just doing his job. Thanks, Garrett you gave us a new lens to look through the next time we get pulled over.